About Corina Lopez, Councilmember

Councilmember Corina Lopez is running for San Leandro Mayor to expand her work to improve and protect resident priorities. She has real hands-on experience handling what is important to residents, implementing real problem solving and developing real solutions.

For nearly 20 years beginning as a neighborhood and parks advocate, Councilmember Corina Lopez is a small business owner who has volunteered and dedicated herself to improving the quality of life for all San Leandro.  With 8 years on the City Council, today she is a well-recognized state and national leader advocating for local cities. Councilmember Corina Lopez has a proven track record with delivering multiple projects and initiatives creating a more vibrant place to live, work, and thrive.

Prioritizes high quality public safety for residents

Champions housing for all and the build out of senior, affordable, and market rate housing

Protects small businesses and vulnerable residents during Covid

Leads opening of a navigation center for the unhoused

Leads major capital improvements to Parks and Recreation such as Siempre Verde Park, Farrelly Pool, and Boys and Girls Club Pool

Spearheaded San Leandro’s transition to 100% renewable energy

Established free public wi-fi throughout San Leandro

Directed Bus Rapid Transit project from ground breaking to deployment

Focuses on job creation and higher wages

Helped save San Leandro Hospital emergency services from closure

Served as a school board member transitioning San Leandro Unified to an award-winning school district